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    Fork AND Shock Spring Package

    Get the most out of your STOCK forks AND stock shock with our works fork and shock spring package. We will build a custom spring package for you and your machine that is tailored to your riding/racing environment and personal preferences!  


    (labor not included)

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    Fork Rebuild and Overhaul.

    Forks are completely disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt back to new condition.

    Fork oil is 50.00 per pair of forks. 2 fork oil seals and 2 wipers are typically 65.00. Upper and lower fork bushings, if needed are typically 75.00 for all 4. Anything else needed will be PLUS and the customer will be notified BEFORE for authorization.  


    (*plus oil *plus wear parts)

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    Shock Rebuild and Overhaul.

    Shock rebuild and overhaul. Shock is completely disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt back to new condition. 

    Please call for further pricing! Shock oil for a standard dirt bike shock is 35.00 each.


    (*plus oil *plus wear parts)

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    The Standard Mod Package

    Fork and shock valving custom tailored to your riding/racing environment and machine UTILIZING the stock fork and shock pistons, some of which will be modified depending on the type of use, extensive modifications to the compression adjuster valve and assembly are also performed.  This is a GREAT all-around package that was specifically designed to out-perform the other suspension companies’ aftermarket fork and shock pistons!


    (labor) for both forks and shock. *plus oil *plus wear parts *plus springs

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    The Works Mod Package

    You get EVERYTHING from our tier 1, 2 and 3 PLUS our WORKS fork and shock pistons and internals that will take the performance of your forks and shock to a whole new level at a fantastic price. Your dirt bike is custom to you and so should your suspension.

    This is a GREAT package that will benefit riders of all skill levels and environments.

    Call for clarification


    (*plus oil *plus non-typical wear parts)

*fork oil-50.00 per pair of forks
*shock oil 35.00 per shock (dirt bike)
*FREE valving alterations! Call for clarification
*FREE technical advice available always

*ktm/wp suspension parts may have different prices. Call for clarification
*works coatings available! Please call for current pricing
*Special private consultations available. Please call for pricing