Our works FCR springs are Manufactured from the absolute highest quality AMERICAN MADE high tensile spring wire. CNC wound for optimum tolerances. Heat treated. Shot peened. Ends are precision ground flat. Closed ends.

Our High-Travel, works design features a concept that allows adjustments to the body diameter of the spring relative to the end coils. This design allows us to take full advantage of our high tensile material by maximizing the applied stress through adjustment of the springs body diameter. More deflection, less weight, increase linearity in rate, much more resistant to Bowing while fitting all standard hardware.

A low heat, high-quality powder paint process sets them apart in appearance. Each and every spring is rate tested at the manufacturer, rate tested again when they arrive at us, and rated once more before being packaged or installed. Made in a very small volume so that we can retain ultra-high quality. They are available as a main, tender or in kit form. Custom colors can be arranged at 85.00 each. (Turn around is at the discretion of our coating company).

FCR springs are available in many rates, lengths and combinations depending on your application.  Not sold in "raw" form, sorry. All springs are 100% guaranteed against defects and will be taken on a case by case basis due to the nature of use. Prices starting at $115.00 each. Available for your UTV/SIDE BY SIDE, DIRT BIKE, AND ATV.

Please call for custom applications!

De-coding FCR spring part numbers:

  • Example: FCR 3’’x 16’’x 250# (lbs)
  • 3’’ represents the inside diameter of spring.
  • 16’’ represents the free length of spring.
  • 250# (lbs) represents the spring rate.

FCR has been in business since 1990. We have been developing our own spring designs longer than most. We are also a shock and suspension company.

You have to know shocks and know them well to be able to design and offer springs that are strictly meant for their intended purposes.

*We apologize for not being able to answer each and every phone call, we try very hard to, but we are VERY responsive through texts and email. And if you need someone to speak with we can call you sometime during the end of the day to try and answer any questions you may have. If it's an emergency, please state so, and we will get to you!